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We've booked our son's place! He is very excited!!! Glad to hear that all of your hard work with re-opening is now paying off! Would highly recommend Mini-ninjas for any little boys and girls who need a boost in confidence and who love to have fun! What you and your team do is fab!

Mel Q - Parent commenting about re-opening after lock-down (Covid-19)

Master Stuart Usher we miss you guys so much too. My boys so loved Messingham MA it’s like they have something missing now. No other group we looked at even compared x

Toni K - Parent of students now living away

This is where it all started for me ..

Taekwondo changed my life , from being bullied at school I would come home and every night my mum bless her would spend her time taking me training. If it wasn’t for this I may have never taken up bodybuilding and my future could have been so much different 

I was lucky enough to be trained by Master Stuart Usher for many years , his knowledge and passion for martial arts is amazing! He’s also one of the kindest people you will ever meet! 

As soon as my son is old enough he will be signing up , teaching your kids to defend themselves is the best skill you can teach them. I would recommend Messingham Martial Arts to any one and would ask all of my lovely friends and family to share their page xxx

Leanne B - Leanne Fitness

Thank you Master Usher & Team . The support you all gave my daughter tonight was outstanding . She enjoyed every minute. Very proud parent moment . Thanks again everyone x😁

Sabrina E - Parent of a young adult student

Super proud Mum and Dad moment! Great achievement from Alex. We’d like to thank the great team at Messingham Martial Arts for your enthusiasm and commitment which is obviously rubbing off onto Alex and the other Students

Kurt L - Parent of a junior student (Student of the month)

Such a well run and professional group.

Jacqui E - Parent & student

I enjoyed yesterday and I really do feel part of something good - Student & spectator of Black belt grading,

Karen.S - Senior Coach

Master Usher trained me on regular occasions when he came to a club I used to train at.......Best training I ever got hands down.
Joe K - Former Blackbelt Student.
Best thing my son Tyler did is join Messingham Martial Arts. He is not a sporty person but really enjoys Taekwondo and shows dedication in every session! Thank you to Master Usher & his team of helpers for doing a great job with the students.

Georgina O - Parent

What a fantastic session Master Usher, you made a great impression on our under 7's football team, they thoroughly enjoyed it. You come highly recommended. Thanks again.
Daran G - Co-manager - Park Tigers FC
You only get out what you put in....well done to you all and congratulations on your second year. I only hear positive comments about your group.
Deborah G - Little Imps Nursery
Thank you for being so dedicated and good role models to our children, both boys still love coming to every lesson

Louise T- Student's parent

Thanks for all your support with my son. As you know he finds certain things more difficult than his peers but thanks to the support and encouragement he gets from you and your wife he keeps trying his hardest and loves coming, as does his sister. The club has a very community orientated feel to it enhanced by the free self defence classes you put on for adults and families in light of recent events in our area. Happy birthday x

Angela W - Student's Parent
Thank you for all your dedication, I'm so pleased with the influence your classes have on my boys!
Michelle H - Student's Parent
What a fantastic 2 years it has been seeing the club go from strength to strength. Thank you to you both for all you do for your students.

Helen F - Student's Parent

Comments prior to Blackbelt grading

Thank you. Ella is currently practising her Korean and has done all of her patterns. We are proud that we are all part of Messingham Martial Arts and can't thank you enough for all the support you have given to Ella and all the students.

Parent of Blackbelt candidate prior to grading day.

Big big thank you to a great instructor and team plus great years worth of training with some great friends👍 big thanks again sir.

Adult Blackbelt candidate prior to grading day.

Comments from the Instructors at the June 2016 Grandmasters seminar.