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Master Louise Usher (BTA)

Position: -

* BTA Master Instructor at

Messingham Martial Arts

*B.T.A Committee Member

*B.T.A Health & Safety Manager

Rank: -
* 4th Dan Black belt Taekwondo BTA
* 3rd Dan Kukkiwon registered
* B.T.A Approved instructor
* B.T.A Registered Master

Experience: -
* Taekwondo

* Self-defence

* Yoga

Introducing Sabumnim Louise Usher


Master Louise Usher first experienced Martial Arts during her early collage years. She attended self-defence classes that were put on by a visiting instructor.

This experience planted the seed for the future as in her early twenties, now married to Master Stuart Usher she booked herself in for an introduction to taekwondo at a nearby club.

Over the coming years she trained hard, showing a passion for the Taeguk patterns that are an integral part of the training. She worked her way up to Red/Black belt (1st Kup - One before Blackbelt) before taking time out to begin a family. Even though Master Louise Usher wasn't training she was still involved due to her husband.

Time went by and Masters Stuart & Louise Usher's first born Adam started training. This created an opportunity for Master Louise Usher to begin training again and she worked very hard towards her Blackbelt in Taekwondo.

Since then Master Louise Usher has continued to train and developed her instruction skills. She continues to progress and pass on her knowledge and experience as a Master of the club and associations.

Pictured above: Sabumnim Louise Usher with B.T.A Founder & Father of British Taekwondo, GM Tony Quigly 9th Dan Blackbelt, Husband Master Stuart Usher 5th Dan Blackbelt & B.T.A President GM Roy Kilner 8th Dan Blackbelt.