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As of 18/09/2020 the British Taekwondo Association recognised the ITC as their registered National Governing Body (NGB). The BTA being one of the oldest associations in the country pre-dates most if not all other associations & governing bodies in the UK. It was agreed between President BTA Grandmaster Roy Kilner, Chief Instructor BTA Master Stuart Usher and ITC Founder Master John McNally, that the BTA & ITC could work together to bring ITF & WT style Taekwondo as well as other martial arts together and that both BTA & ITC can benefit from each other. The BTA shall protect its sovereignty and shall form the WT style support for members of the ITC that study the WT style. New members wishing to join the BTA shall be welcomed with open arms. The ITC offer Insurance, Guidance, Training, Information and other forms of support to its members. Also this opens up events and competitions for both sides for members to join in. A fantastic step forward and one Messingham Martial Arts is pleased to be a part of.

Covid-19 Lockdown 2020

So it has been a while since any news has been posted on here and it is not because there was nothing happening! The classes continued to be bursting at the seems and we were very busy. Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic put an instant halt on all our classes and events. Just before the lock-down we were able to test our most recent Black belt candidates but the much look forward to events such as BTA/UKKWA Training Camp, Kaizen Martial Arts Expo & Messingham Show Demo to mention a few had to be cancelled. In order to get information to students to practice while at home, Master Stuart Usher put syllabus training videos in the members section of this website. He was asked to do a training video for the Little Munchkins Sports Team, Members came together by sending mini video clips for a club stunt challenge on facebook which was very successful and Master Usher was invited to send a clip of himself for the same challenge for martial arts instructor of the UK! We wish all our members health and happiness during this hard time and hope to see you all back when the time comes. This is just another life challenge we need to face and shall overcome. Best wishes everyone.

Over the week of Monday 8th July to Saturday 13th July 2019 Master Usher attended the 77th Foreigner Taekwondo Masters Training Course in South Korea, the Mother land of World Taekwondo. He met up with 100 other attendees ranking from 4th - 9th Dan from around the globe at the World Taekwondo Headquarters 'Kukkiwon' in Gangnam district Seoul. From there the attendees were transported by chartered bus to the World Taekwondo Academy 'Taekwondowon' in Muju some 3 hours away in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. Look out for Master Usher's story about his experiences on the News tab drop down menu.

On Saturday 22nd June 2019 a team of our awesome ladies (The Ninja 7) entered the Total Warrior race in Leeds. The event helped raise funds for the village hall where we train but all the team achieved personal goals by challenging them selves to complete the 6000meters and endure 15 obstacles that included fire, water and lots and lots of mud! Superb effort from all the ladies for a great cause and an inspiration to us all. Well done Ninja 7 :-)

After all monies were collected a staggering £600 was raised :-) WOW! Well done to all and thank you to those who sponsored our amazing ladies. Messingham Martial Arts was proud to sponsor the team in order to enter the challenge and raise such funds for the Village Hall improvements.

On 13th April 2019 Messingham was host to the 'Martial Artists Supporting Children With Cancer' Seminar. These events are the brain child of one Lucci-Del-Gaudio of Nottingham, creator of the Kaizen Martial Arts Expo. The event planned and organised by Messingham's own Master Stuart Usher was a huge success, seeing instructors and students travel from Nottingham, Leicester,  Lincoln, County Durham & Grimsby as well as from Messingham & surrounding areas. The students were taken through Tai Chi, Stretch & Kicking, Dynamic Kicking, Aikido, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Defence Lab Self-Defence & Combat Ju Jitsu. the 3 hour seminar raised £600, which shall be donated to a local children's charity. Thank you all.
Saturday 16th March 2019 saw the BTA & UFKKWA joint Black belt grading, which we hosted. Candidates from across the country were in attendance to grade in Taekwondo, Universal Karate, Kickboxing & Karate Jitsu in front of a panel of Grandmasters & masters. The event was opend by GM Anthony Cairns with Kobudo weopons demonstrations, which was very well received. GM Cairns is a repeated martial arts record breaker and in his younger days has been on ITV's You bet and record breakers that were popular in the 80's & early 90's. The standard shown was very high and compliments were given by the grandmasters on the standard not just of the candidate but of our venue and the organisation of the grading. Our 10 candidate were successful in achieveing 1st, 2nd & 3rd Poom/Dan promotions and did their club extremely proud. The day was closed by a gathering of many of our members who graded at Messinghams Jaaz Pavillion Indian restaurant. Superb end to a superb day.

On 28th November 2018 Messingham Martial Arts invited a very special guest to their session. Introducing Mr Craig Chaytor. Founder, creator & producer of I.M.M.E Project (Imagine Making Memories Everywhere) a project that incorporates 360 Virtual reality film with books and education. This project was inspired by Craig's daughter Imogen who has been diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, meaning she is easily distracted and has learning difficulties. After Craig decided to try and help his daughter learn by teaching himself how to create 360 films in order to bring day trips outside into the home (a safe area as Imogen sees it.....Don't we all) he saw rapid improvements in Imogen's abilities and concentration. It doesn't stop there! The school Imogen goes to were interested in the work Craig was doing that was helping his daughter and after seeking approval tried this method on some of the students there. The results were amazing and very quick, The experience Craig has had so far is so heart warming to hear about. The book Craig has created, which contains a story on each page with links to VR 360 videos was very effective in a positive way with the students. Craig aims to raise funds in order to create a full book with lots of VR 360 videos in order to help all ages and abilities in schools and education services and Messingham Martial Arts wanted to support him with this just as the BBC and design council to name a couple have done. This is why we have donated £200 to the cause and aim to raise awareness and funds for this amazing guy and his amazing idea that has the potential to bring education and joy to so many people of all ages and abilities. Please see the links below with regards this project's story and how you can support this great cause too. Thank you.

On Saturday 3rd November 2018 Members of Messingham Martial Arts were treated to an afternoon Paintballing & Splat-Masters at the Paintballing Challenge Messingham on Holme Lane. With just over a third of our total members in attendance, some 35 of us the event was a huge success. The event was put on and paid for by the club and it was worth every penny to see all those who attended enjoy the day so much. A big thank you goes out to the Marshalls & Staff for looking after us so well and making it a superb experience for all.

On Sunday 28th October 2018 Messingham Martial Arts headed to Sheffield to the B.T.A/U.F.K.K.W.A Championships in Dronfield, Sheffield. They returned with 2 Bronze and 1 Gold in the Patterns section and 4 Gold and 2 Championship Awards in Sparring. Junior Student Rhys and Chief Fight Coach Sabumnim Terry Davies are the proud BTA/UFKKWA Champions for Messingham and a big well done goes to adult student Mr Adrian Holmes who had the opportunity at very short notice to experience his first ever competition fight against BTA Secretary Master Andy McMahon in a show match. Adrian did brilliantly and shows great potential for forth coming competitions. All Competitors did our club proud and their hard work secured us 2nd place for the team cup, which for such a small team is an outstanding achievement.

Pictured from left to right: (Master Usher, Adrian, Ass. Inst. Tyler, Master McCulloch, Rhys & Sabum Davies.

On Tuesday 4th September 2018 the BBC returned to Messingham Martial Arts to interview Master Usher and film the adult class to launch this years search for the BBC Sport Unsung Hero 2018, the report by Simon Spark of the BBC was fantastic and shall be available on this website soon. The interview was based round the last year since winning the 2017 regional title, the experience of going to the Sports personality of the year awards show and what the next unsung hero of sport can expect for this years awards. Master Usher commented, saying it has been a surreal life changing experience he is so proud to have been nominated for & achieved and is honoured to have represented East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire as their 2017 BBC Unsung Hero.
On Tuesday 4th September 2018 Messingham Martial Arts donated £200 to purchase books for the children who attend Scunthorpe General Hospital Disney Ward. Louise Andrew pictured next to Master Usher who works for Usbourne Books, was raising funds to buy the books for the Disney ward after the ward saved her sons life, she contacted the club to ask for any support. Master & Mrs Usher have had their own experience with both their boys and life saving health care so it was decided to pay for the funds asked for, anything else would be a bonus. The cheque was presented in class and in front of the BBC who were present to film the class and interview Master Usher with regards the search for this years BBC Unsung Hero (Report to follow). Louise and the staff of the Disney ward were very appreciative of the donation and look forward to put the money to good use.

On Saturday 16th June 2018, Master Stuart Usher, Master Katie McCulloch, Sabumnim Terry Davies & students Ivy Major & Jack Holmes joined Grandmaster Mark Trent, Master David Fell, Senior Coach Rob Bird & Coach Mark Flippance  at the 2nd Kaizen Martial Arts Expo in Nottingham. Another awesome event that saw Master Usher and Grandmaster Mark Trent teach Board Breaking & Universal Karate respectively and all promoting the BTA & UFKKWA. So many great and inspiring instructors, guests and martial artist that saw the event being publicized on BBC Radio, Notts TV and social media. We look forward to next year where we have already secured a place. #bekaizen.

BBC Radio Humberside Spring Bank Holiday Live Interview

On Bank Holiday Monday 28th May 2018 Master & Mrs Usher and Boys Adam & William travelled to the BBC studio in Hull to talk to Amanda White on her radio show. The segment was based on local heros and Master Usher was invited to discuss the Club and the local community of Messingham. A truly great day & experience enjoyed by Master Usher and family, who thank the BBC & Amanda for having them on the show and in the studio. The interview opened up explaining that Master Usher had been awarded the BBC Unsung Hero (EY&L) 2017 and went on to discuss various aspects of what the club is about, the community spirit that exists in Messingham among other things.

Courtesy of BBC Radio Humberside - Live interview May 2018 - Edited (No Music)


Friday 11th to Monday 14th May 2018 saw the BTA/UFKKWA training camp in Seashore Haven, Great Yarmouth. A Truly Epic event extremely well planned that saw attendees train in a wide variety of styles & methods with high ranking and extremely experienced Instructors. With nearly 100 caravans booked by clubs from up and down the country, Messingham Alone had 12 families attend. The evening saw the BTA/UFKKWA party where all gathered for socialising, the Hall of Fame Awards and dancing. We are all looking forward to next year, which is already in the planning stages.

British Martial Arts Awards 2018

On Saturday 28th April Master & Mrs Usher attended the British Martial Arts Awards with some of the senior team in Telford, Shropshire. Master Usher was nominated by Master Lucci-Del Gaudio of the Kaizen Martial Arts Expo for Community based martial artist of the year. The event was filled with high ranking, champion and film & TV personality martial artists and enjoyed by all. Master Usher walked away with runner-up for the category, the very deserving winner being Simon Fell of Lincoln. All award winners & runners-up where very deserving of the recognition for their continued efforts and passion in the Martial Arts.

Black belt grading March 2018 opened by BBC Unsung hero Denise Larrad

24th March 2018 saw another BTA/UFKKWA Black belt grading and committee meeting hosted by Messingham Martial Arts. The grading was opened by BBC Unsung Hero 2017 Denise Larrad who wished all the candidates good luck and was very interested to stay to watch. She said "it was truly amazing to see the candidates preform their skills and always a pleasure to catch up with our new friends (Master) Stuart & Louise Usher".

We were joined by many members from up an down the country and all candidates did a fantastic job preforming their skills in front of a panel of Grandmaster, Senior masters, masters & Instructors.

What was clear about this event was the BTA & UFKKWA have truly amazing members & friends. Well done to all candidates who all did so well raising the standard, hard work pays off. Well done to ALL!

24 hour skipathon in aid of mental health with BBC Unsung Hero 2016 Marcellus Baz

On 17th to 18th March 2018 a 24 hour skip-a-thon was held at BBC Unsung Hero 2016 Marcellus Baz's boxing club 'Nottingham School of Boxing' in aid of Mental Health Awareness in support of their patron Nottingham Legend Herol 'Bomber' Graham. Master Usher attended the Saturday to see the event begin. It was a truly awesome event that saw so may people individually skip continuously live on facebook for 24 hours to not only raise awareness of the condition but funds too to help their patrons family. A truly worthy cause Master Usher was very proud to be a part of. To make this experience even more memorable the 2017 BBC unsung hero national winner Denise Larrad also attended the Saturday to wish everyone luck. The Sunday saw Boxing legends such as Frank Bruno attend the event to help raise awareness and support the event. Truly awesome!

Christmas raffle pays off

On 16th December 2017 Messingham Martial Arts held their Christmas Party, during the run up to the event our events co-ordinator Mrs Helen Frost, did a fantastic job contacting some major businesses both small and large locally and afar to gather prize donations to our raffle including a signed T-Shirt signed by many famous Team GB Taekwondo athletes from the world championships & Olympics. The T-Shirt itself was auctioned and added to the total the raffle made which was an impressive £400. This amount was decided to be split between 2 registered charities, Messingham Village Hall where we train & OUCH UK a cause for the awareness of cluster headaches. The first cheque for £200 was presented to the village hall committee mid-january 2018, and the cheque for Ouch UK shall be presented soon. Well done to Mrs Frost and our members that entered the raffle/auction to help raise these funds and allow us to support such charities.

Honourable Award for Master Usher

We are proud to announce that Master Stuart Usher has been selected as East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire BBC Unsung hero 2017. He shall be going to this years BBC Sports personality of the year on December 17th, which shall be held in Liverpool at the Echo arena. The BBC came to film the Mini-ninja & junior classes and interviewed Master Usher & Liz Brown who nominated him under the impression he had been shortlisted for the regional title only to present him with the winners trophy for the East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire region at the end of the sessions. Master Usher was absolutely astounded at this award and is looking forward to the SPOTY event in December. He say this is a real honour and an experience he finds truly precious.

Olympian visits Messingham

On Saturday 28th October 2017, Messingham was visited by European, American & German Champion & Olympian Martin Stamper. The event heavily subsidised by Messingham Martial Arts ran for 3 hours and took the students of Messingham and fellow BTA members Mount Taekwondo through some of the warm ups, drills & skills that Team GB are put through in their rigorous training programs. There was a lot to learn for students & instructors a like and the event was a huge success with a great ambiance felt by everyone in the room. Thank you Martin Stamper for an awesome seminar, Co-ordinator Helen Frost for sorting the details for the event and all who joined us for the fantastic feedback we received about the day.

Messingham Martial Arts celebrates 3rd Anniversary

On October 14th 2017 we celebrated 3 years of being open and what an amazing 3 years it has been. We have grown in members at a rapid rate and retained a very healthy retention rate of our students, added an adult & mini-ninjas class to our timetable (also popular), won awards as well as been awarded funds to help purchase equipment to support and help our students progress and had lots of lovely feedback about our club and what we are doing for the local communities, to say we are proud is an understatement.

The first junior class after the 14th October 2017 were treated to an amazing anniversary cake created by Master & Mrs Usher's niece Chloe. It was a fantastic creation and it went down very well with all who had a taste. Here's to the future as we have lots of ideas and events coming up.

A big thank you to all who support & help us, together we all are what Messingham Martial Arts the great success it is.

New class a huge success!!

As Messingham Martial Arts approaches its 3 year anniversary a new class begins for ages 4 to 6 year olds and the first sessions have been very well received. After reviewing the waiting list for the junior class it was noticed there was an increase in younger members getting their names down ready, so Mrs Usher suggested finding a time slot to allow those on the list to train. Once a slot was established and agreed with the Village hall a name was to be selected before advertising & promoting the new class. After a few ideas passed about, Master & Mrs Usher's eldest son Adam came up what was felt to be a great name for such an awesome team. May we present to you the MESSINGHAM MINI-NINJAS.

Our students are AMAZING!!!!!!

4 of our amazing students who attend the local primary school have been awarded Pupil of the week and we are hearing achievements are being earned by other students in other subjects and schools too. Great work guys your instruction team and colleges are extremely proud of you. Keep up the great work.

A very Mess-ingham Affair!

On Saturday 16th September 2017 Messingham Martial Arts hosted for a second consecutive time the British Taekwondo Association committee meeting as well as Taekwondo & Kickboxing Blackbelt grading at Messingham Village Hall where the club train.

Clubs from up and down the country who are members of the affiliation where in attendance with their committee representatives as well as their candidates for the grading including local club Brigg Kickboxing. A buffet was provided courtesy of Messingham Martial Arts by ‘The Pantry’ Messingham, which went down very well.

The Taekwondo grading saw student from the attending clubs obtain grades from 1st Dan to 7th Dan Grandmaster in front of B.T.A President Grandmaster Roy Kilner and a grading panel consisting of other Grandmasters, Masters & other members of the Committee.

Master Stuart Usher (Founder of Messingham Martial Arts & Chief Instructor of the B.T.A) has been training and instructing for many years and since opening his club in 2014 has help students that have followed him to obtain higher rank promotions under the B.T.A Panel. Last March his & wife/co-founder & Instructor Mrs Louise Usher’s eldest Son who has trained now for 5 years obtained 1st Poom (Junior Blackbelt) at the age of 9 making him one of the youngest in the country to do so. This grading saw another student that has trained with Master Usher for the past 5 years Ella Frost age 10 obtain her 1st Poom Blackbelt and who also received special mention by a new master to join up with the B.T.A on her high standard of skill demonstrated. Messingham Martial Arts Student and Instructor Katie McCulloch earned herself the prestigious title of 4th Poom Junior Master at the age of 15 and Adult Student Terry Davies who already holds a 1st Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing, achieved 1st Dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo.

The Kickboxing grading was led by the Universal Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Worldwide Association (U.F.K.K.W.A) President Grandmaster Mark Trent and saw 3 students from Brigg Kickboxing Mark Flippance and brothers Owen and Finn Coxall, who’s Chief Instructor is Mr Rob Bird, become the first ever blackbelts of the club since opening a short time before Messingham. Both gradings where tough and challenged mind, body & Spirit and all candidate emerged worn out but successful!

Later that evening many of the attendees gathered at Messinghams Jaaz Pavilion Indian restaurant for a well-deserved celebration as well as Master & Mrs Usher 17th Wedding Anniversary.

Weapons Training at Messingham Martial Arts

Before the recent school summer holidays (August 2017) Master Usher conducted some seminars for the students at  St. Lawrence Academy Scunthorpe. As a result Messingham Martial Arts received a very kind donation as thanks to help support our club and members. The donation went towards purchasing some more training equipment such as Nunchuku, Escrima fighting sticks and wooden knives for demonstration skills, self-defence and to broaden our students knowledge in Martial Arts. A big thank you to all at St Lawrences Academy.

Messingham gets ready for Tour of Britain bike race

Messingham Martial Arts events coordinator & Messingham Village Hall committee member Mrs Helen Frost began planning to get involved with this years Tour of Britain Stage 3, which is coming through Messingham on September 5th 2017. The idea grew to become more than one of Messingham Martial Arts ideas and became a community event bringing adults, children & groups of Messingham such as the Parish Council, Village Hall, Primary School, Little Imps nursery and yours truly together. A craft day also organised by Mrs Frost was held during the summer holidays to create all sorts of items to celebrate the occasion and to be displayed in the village along the route the cyclist shall take. Particularly bikes that were sprayed green then decorated by the children at the craft event; the funds for this was raised by a fund raising page set up by Mrs Frost, which did 3 times better than expected raising money from local people and businesses (we obviously donated). Some of the groups ran a best bike design competition where the winners were the ones that were created to be displayed. We are proud to announce the Messingham Martial Arts winner was student Joseph Hellawell (Well Done Joseph). This event has been very well received by media such as the village magazine, Scunthorpe Telegraph and Humberside Radio who interviewed Mrs Frost and daughter/ MessMA student Ella about the event (Video interview can be found on this website as well as pictures in the photo gallery). We wish to congratulate Mrs Frost for all the hard work she has done and success she has had to create such a great community event that has brought us all together as well as the support of the Messingham Village Hall Committee & the Parish Council and residents. Mrs Frost has also organised a refreshments and get together at Messingham Village Hall if people wish to attend before and after the cyclist go through the village. We are so proud of our events coordinator, fantastic work Helen and well done.

Messingham Martial Arts treat day

On Saturday 26th August 2017 Messingham Martial Arts treated its members to a bounce and buffet session at Scunthorpe's 'Airkings Trampoline Park'. 40 of our members including some from our friends at Brigg Kickboxing enjoyed an hour of energetic trampolining and then food and socialising. A fantastic event organised by our events coordinator Mrs Helen Frost, which was enjoyed by all. This event is a sign of things to come as Master & Mrs Usher and Mrs Frost look to plan more events for students courtesy of Messingham Martial Arts. Photos and a video of the event can be found within this website.

Messingham Martial Arts reaps another award for excellence -

Glow Awards Community Ambassador 2017

On Wednesday 28th June 2017 Master Stuart Usher attended a presentation at British Steel after being nominated & shortlisted for the Community Ambassador category of the very 1st British Steel Glow Awards. Student Parent Liz Brown nominated Master Usher & Messingham Martial Arts for the award and wrote up an excellent report on what Master Usher & Messingham Martial Arts are all about and all the support they give & positive influence they have on students, groups and the community around them. The report went to an independent judging panel who shortlisted three potential winners from the nominated candidates. After a second round of judging the winner was announced at the presentation. After a heart warming explanation as to why the winner was chosen from one of the judges, Master Stuart Usher's name was called out as the winner. Master Usher approached the stage to the sound of 'Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting' to receive his award for himself & on behalf of every member of Messingham Martial Arts. The experience was very emotional for Master Usher and he had to cut his speech short due to the rush of pride and emotions that overwhelmed him. He did manage to thank Mrs Liz Brown for everything she has done for the club as well as the judges and committee of the new Glow awards. He managed to explain his passion for the category and for the awards themselves. In class that evening this massive achievement was shared with students and parents and Mrs Brown was presented with flowers and a thank you card for all she has done for the club. WOW!!! #glowawards2017.

Master Stuart Usher receiving the British Steel Community Ambassador Award 2017
Courtesy of & Copyright: British Steel Scunthorpe

Click HERE to follow link to Scunthorpe telegraph press release.

Martial Arts Weekend

Saturday 24th June 2017 Master Usher, & students Bradley & Tyler travelled to Fleetwood near Blackpool to compete in Patterns (Poomsae) and Sparring and the Mount TKD 2nd annual tournament. Although their were no wins for Messingham this time Master was extremely proud of his students for their efforts and determination. Both Bradley & Tyler represented their club very well and more importantly learned a lot from this fantastic event.

On Sunday 25th June 2017 Master Usher, Sabumnim Rob Bird and students Adam, Ella & Paige attended a charity event in Grimsby along with many other clubs from the area including some from Lincoln, Nottingham and as far as Great Yarmouth. It was a great day of training with others in Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino  Martial Arts, Kick boxing, Ninjitsu & Taekwondo. Master Usher ran the session on Taekwondo, which was very well received with the other instructors and attendees as was all the sessions. A great event that brought great martial artist together for a good cause.

Messingham Martial Arts at 112th Messingham Show

On Sunday June 4th 2017 Messingham Martial Arts conducted 2 demonstrations at the 112th Messingham Show, which were very well received. Joined by friends Brigg Kickboxing the demonstrations consisted of Taekwondo & Kickboxing techniques, Patterns, One Step Sparring, Light Contact Sparring, Self-Defence & Board Breaking and was lead by Master Stuart Usher.

The event was a great day out for families and a great success. Messingham Martial Arts look forward to the next event having been invited back next year and hope their friends Brigg Kickboxing shall again join them again for the show.

Mr Bird - Board Breaking

Messingham MA & Brigg Kickboxing

Master Usher - One Step Sparring

Local MP visits Messingham Martial Arts

During class on Monday 15th May 2017 Messingham Martial Arts was visited by Mr Nic Dakin MP to briefly talk to the students about personal achievements, dedication & facing challenges. Master Stuart Usher remembers Mr Dakin from his youth as Mr Dakin (then college tutor) visited Master Usher's Secondary school to run a series of classes. Mr Dakin over time then went on to become principle at the college he worked at and in 2010 became Scunthorpe MP for the Labour Party. Mr Dakin has supported many important groups in the area such as British Steel (Save our Steel campaign) as well as many charities for awareness of illnesses such as cluster headaches, which effects one of our students parents and who Mr Dakin has supported in the past, and recently he completed the 2017 London Marathon in aid of a variety of charities raising in excess of £5000, which Messingham Martial Arts were the first to sponsor. Master Usher commented to the students and parents present that he does not bring politics or religion into his classes but felt Mr Dakin was an excellent example of someone who has constantly challenged himself, whilst giving back to the community. After a great and very well received discussion on the topic of personal achievement & dedication, Mr Dakin was invited to demonstrate an elbow strike board break,  which he was quickly shown by Master Usher, on a one inch thick pine board, he was successful and received applause from on lookers. At the end of the session after the students got back to training, Mr Dakin was thanked for his visit & wise words and presented with the board he broke signed by the entire class & instructors. He gave his thanks and praise the club and it's members for the fantastic demonstration of all the hard work that goes on at Messingham Martial Arts.

B.T.A 50th Anniversary Training Camp & Celebrations a huge success

During the weekend of Friday 5th May to Monday 8th May 2017 a total of 50 members of Messingham Martial Arts & friends Brigg Kickboxing and their families travelled to Great Yarmouth to join other affiliated clubs to attend the B.T.A 50th Anniversary training camp and celebrations at Haven Seashore holiday resort, the event was a huge success enjoyed by all 250+ in total that attended.

The Saturday & Sunday daytime saw students training in various skills such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Spirit Combat, Jeet Kune Do, Take Down Skills, Pressure Points & Joint Locks, Weapons Defence, Nunckuku, Stretching & Breathing plus much more, with a whole host of high ranking Instructors. Students had the honour to training with 10th Dan Soke Brian Dossett in Spirit Combat (Pictured left with Master Usher) & Grandmaster Terry Nixon (Student of Bruce Lee's right hand man Dan Inosanto) in Jeet Kune Do (Pictured Center). Also in attendance was a fantastic display by a Viking battle re-enactment team that got the whole room watching......Awesome! The evening saw lots of partying, Dancing and the B.T.A Hall of Fame awards with Master & Sabumnim Usher being inducted in as Instructors of the year 2017 (Pictured Right) along with some other Instructor/Club owner friends. Great feedback regarding the event has been received and passed on to the organisers who promise next years camp shall be bigger & better.

Master Usher with Soke Brian Dossett 10th Dan

Master Usher with Grandmaster Terry Nixon

    Master & Sabumnim Usher - Hall of Fame 

Messingham hosts B.T.A Committee Meeting & Black Belt Grading

On Saturday 25th March 2017 Messingham hosted the B.T.A Committee meeting and Black Belt grading. Three out of the eight candidates were Messingham Students the rest travelled from Sheffield & County Durham. All candidates where put through their paces by the grading panel of 4 Grandmasters making them demonstrate basics, forms, sparring, board breaking & spirit. The highest rank awarded was 3rd Dan but Messingham students Adam Usher (Juniors) achieved 1st Poom as Amos & Lucasz both achieved 2nd Dan ranks. Well done to all.
The committee meeting preceded the grading and was attended by members for all over the country. The meeting covered mainly the 50th Anniversary Camp plans, although Master Stuart Usher was appointed 'Chief Instructor of the B.T.A'. A truly honourable promotion. Sabumnim Louise Usher takes full responsibility for health & safety management. The committee were treated to a buffet lunch provided by The Pantry Messingham, courtesy of Master & Mrs Usher, which went down well and in the evening attendees met for a celebration meal at Jaaz pavillion also in Messingham. A great successful day.

Victory for Brigg Kickboxers

On Saturday 25th February 2017, Brigg Kickboxing Chief instructor Mr Rob Bird, his Student/Instructor Mr Jack Hickson & Messingham Martial Arts Chief instructor Master Stuart Usher along with family and friends in support attended a Kickboxing and Karate Black belt grading in Stowmarket near Ipswich at the Universal Karate & Kickboxing Worldwide Association head quarters 'Scorpion Martial Arts Academy'. They were put through their paces during a 4 hour session in front of a grading panel of Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors & Coaches demonstrating their skills in Kickboxing techniques, Sparring, Fitness, Board Breaking and spirit. All 12 candidates were pushed to the limit and emerged victorious in achieving their next level. Picture shows the three Brigg Kickboxing Candidates with members of the grading panel with their certificate from Left to Right: - Master Stuart Usher (5th Dan Taekwondo) achieving 4th Dan Master in Kickboxing, Mr Rob Bird achieving 3rd Dan Black belt in Kickboxing (also holds a 1st Dan in Taekwondo) and Mr Jack Hickson achieving 1st Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing.

Messingham Martial Arts achieves B.T.A & U.F.K.K.A 5 star Excellence Award

Messingham Martial Arts has been awarded the British Taekwondo Association & Universal Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing Association (Worldwide) 5 star award of excellence. This is based on strict requirements for clubs within the associations to comply with standards and guidelines to ensure quality, professionalism and fairness. We at Messingham MA are very proud to achieve this award.

British Steel Scunthorpe awards Messingham MA Community Champion award.

British Steel Scunthorpe have awarded Messingham Martial Arts £1500 to help improve the training of their students. Master Stuart Usher said "This is truly amazing support and we thank all those involved in suggesting, supporting and voting for us to be awarded such a generous donation. It shall definitely be put to good use, watch this space."

Messingham MA sponsors Messingham Juniors FC

2017 football season sees Messingham Martial Arts Logo on the Managers of Messingham Juniors FC Jackets after a sponsorship provided by the martial arts club. Good luck MJFC on your up and coming season. - Pictured; Mr Mark Wordsworth presenting Master Stuart Usher with his very own jacket.

Nunchuku Seminar At County Durham

On Sunday 4th December Master Usher travelled up to Trimdon, County Durham to run a Nunchuku seminar with fellow B.T.A Club Yong Kwan Taekwondo. It was a fantastic event that saw the attendees go through high energy warm ups and stretches before going through basic, advanced, combinations and self-defence techniques with their Nunchukus. After which Master Usher was presented with a lovely token of appreciation from the club, its members and instructors. We aim to invite Master Ian Foster (Chief Instructor Yong Kwan) to Messingham to conduct a self-defence take downs seminar.

B.T.A Blackbelt Grading & Committee Meeting

On Sunday 16th October 2016 Chief Instructor Master Stuart Usher, Senior Instructor Sabumnim Louise Usher and student and Chief Instructor of Brigg kickboxing Sabumnim Rob Bird attended the last B.T.A Blackbelt grading of the year whereby Sabunmim Louise Usher achieved a promotion to 3rd Dan Blackbelt and Sabumnim Rob  Bird achieved the rank of 1st Dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo. Mr Bird is also a 2nd Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing and hopes to attend the U.F.K.K.A Blackbelt grading in February 2017 for his 3rd Dan along with Master Usher who hope to attend for his 4th Dan Blackbelt in Kickboxing. After which was the Committee meeting where members where selected and given posts with in the committee. This Included Master & Mrs Usher & Mr & Mrs Bird.

Skipsea Sands training weekend

From Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October 2016 Instructors and members of Messingham Martial Arts attended a training weekend at Skipsea Sands Holiday Park Hornsea. They were joined by fellow B.T.A members Yong Kwan, Preesall Taekwondo, Brigg Kickboxing & Sheffield Dragons Taekwondo. None B.T.A members were also in attendance and all clubs mixed it up and joined in training, teaching and demonstration their skills and art. 2017 shall see the B.T.A's 50th anniversary and events to celebrate this shall be put on. Details shall be released soon after the Blackbelt grading & committee meeting to be held on 16th October 2016 - Make sure you don't miss out.

Messingham Martial Arts Students Impress High-ranking Grandmasters

On Saturday 11th June Messingham was visited by two Grandmasters and two other Master instructors to run a seminar for the students of Messingham Martial Arts.


Grandmaster Mark Trent 8th Dan Blackbelt & President of the Universal Freestyle Kickboxing & Karate Association (U.F.K.K.A) from Scorpion Academy Stowmarket was joined by Grandmaster Roy Kilner 8th Dan Blackbelt & President of the British Taekwondo Association (B.T.A) from Lee Chee Kin Mexbourough to teach the students techniques in ‘Bokken’ (Japanese sword), Kata (Set routine of moves and techniques), Defence against knife attacks, Takedown skills & Pressure point skills with the assistance of Master Hannah Povah & Master David Fell, both of Scorpion Academy Stowmarket.


The seminar, which took place at Messingham Village Hall where the club usually train was a great success enjoyed by all students, spectators and instructors. Master Stuart Usher (Chief Instructor) & Mrs Louise Usher (Senior Instructor) of Messingham Martial Arts bid on and won the seminar with Grandmaster Trent at a B.T.A charity ball auction last November where all proceeds went to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Master & Mrs Usher put the event on for free to their students and commented, “ We were so pleased we was able to put this event on for our students, we only expected Grandmaster Trent to be attending but it was a true honour and surprise when we found out he was to be joined by GM Kilner and two additional Masters. All four instructors are highly skilled and respected among many Martial Art communities”.


The session came to a close with a presentation of certificates for the students who attended and ‘Certificate of thanks’ awarded by Master Usher to the four instructors after which both Grandmasters commented saying they really enjoyed the event and were very impress with the students high standard of skill, dedication & respect, that they were a credit to the club and they had done their Master & Instructors proud.


Photo #1 – Seminar attendees.


Photo #2 – Left to right – Master Stuart Usher, Master David Fell, Grandmaster Roy Kilner, Grandmaster Mark Trent, Master Hannah Povah & Sabumnim (Instructor) Mrs Louise Usher.

North Lincolshire half-marathon 2016

On Sunday 15th May 2016 Master Usher and some parents of Messingham Martial Arts students competed in the 5th North Lincolnshire Half Marathon. They ran 13.1 miles ending up in the Scunthorpe United Football ground. It was a truly amazing well organised event that they enjoyed greatly. Master Usher and Mrs Halsall achieved new personal bests coming in 650th & 617th respectively, out of well over 2000 runners and Mr Lacey (No. 989) came in at an incredible 157th. Well done all, such a great achievement.

Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace Seminar

On Wednesday 11th May 2016 a handful of students along with Master Usher attended a seminar with Martial Arts legend Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace at a nearby Martial Arts club in Scunthorpe. The 3 hour long session was energetic, educational and a lot of fun whereby the clubs and their members who attended learnt techniques that helped Grandmaster Wallace become an undefeated champion during his professional fighting years. It was an awesome event that the team were proud to be apart of.

Park Tigers FC under 7's meets Messingham Martial Arts

On Wednesday 4th May 2016 Park Tigers Football Club members attended a session with Master Stuart Usher and his son Adam for some alternative training to their regular session. The group joined in some fitness, stretching, Taekwondo, Kickboxing & Self-defence skills, which they did very well at impressing Master Usher and Adam. Good Luck in your future matches and hope to see you all soon.