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Chief Instructor Award

Name: - Charlie Saxby

Reason: - Outstanding patients and determination, Charlie, another dedicated student, purposefully grew his hair in order to donate and raise funds for his chosen charity. His hair grew very long before deciding to have it cut and in the process he raised over £580, well above his target - Very Well Done!!

The Messingham Martial Arts Chief Instructor Award

The Chief Instructor Award is not an easy one to achieve. It is reserved for the truly amazing achievements any person or team can accomplish. There is no set criteria as it is at the discretion of the chief instructor but its aim is to identify hero's, the selfless and those that positively inspire on a large scale. It is not intended to belittle other awards available but shows what a path to greatness can look like. Well done to everyone and anyone that achieves an award from Messingham Martial Arts, it is guaranteed to be on merit and not just given for the sake of it - Master Stuart Usher

Previous Chief Instructor Awards

Name: - April Dannett

Reason: - (Lockdown online awards) As well as April being a very dedicated student, she does amazing things outside of training. She often follows in her mothers footstep quite literally with long distance running and walks. She recently walked all the way up Mount Snowdon, Wales without moaning one bit (Not bad for a young person with little legs) and at the top did an awesome high-section turning kick, which was photographed to send to the club. April has always had such lovely long hair and recently she decided to have it cut in order to donate and raise money for charity. An outstanding young lady that is growing in confidence and skill at a rapid rate. Very Well done.

Name: - Sabumnim Ivy Major

Reason: - (Lockdown online awards) When Ivy's children were young she continuously supported them in their martial arts training, this lead Ivy to start training herself. Known by Master Usher since her daughter (Master Katie McCulloch) started training at 4 years old as a club he was instructing at, he has seen Ivy push herself in everything she does. Ivy plays a huge role in the club and has recently achieved a massive weight loss. A true inspiration to us all - Very well done

Name: - Ninja 7 (Jules, Becky, Karen, Jacqui, Tina, Helen & Louise)

Reason: - Completing Total Warrior, Team work, Inspiring energy & determination & Fund raising.

With the addition of Adam & Ella (not pictured) Our team did us very proud by working together to face challenges and raise fund for our Village Hall - Very Well Done!!

Name: - Mr Andy McCulloch

Reason: - Andy plays a huge behind the scenes role in the running of Messingham Martial Arts. Always on hand to help and support us, whether in normal class time or at our many events and demonstrations. He has supported his own family for many many years in their training in the martial arts and is proud of two of his family members reaching Master Level as well as his partner Ivy who is soon to go for her Blackbelts in Kickboxing and Taekwondo. Well done Andy and Thank you.

Name: - Adam Usher

Reason: - Amazing calm, rapid & effective First Aid response.

While playing with his brother in the back garden of his home, Adam's brother William started choking on some food and was clearly distressed and unable to breath. Adam, without any delay or panic jumped up and took hold of his brother, checked to see what was wrong, realised William was choking and began to administer first aid by slapping the centre of his back. This caused the item of food stuck in William's throat to become free and fly out of his mouth just as their parents rushed over to help. We feel Adam was so calm, focused and showed a natural caring side that resulted in saving his brother & that he is a very deserving winner of this award. Well done.

Name: - Mrs Liz Brown

Reason: - Amazing support for Messingham Martial Arts

Mrs Brown has played a massive part in supporting Messingham Martial Arts. She was the driving force in us being selected by British Steel to donate £1500 in funds to purchase our equipment, She nominated us for the 1st British Steel Glow awards where Master Usher was awarded the first ever Community Ambassador Award, which got us a fantastic write up in the local paper and she also nominated us for the BBC Get Inspired Unsung Hero Award 2017 where Master Usher was selected as the winner for Lincolnshire & Yorkshire region. We all appreciate your amazing support Mrs Brown and thank you so much for all you have done. Another worthy Chief Instructor Award. Well Done.

Name: - Mrs Helen Frost

Reason: - Outstanding Community Spirit

Mrs Frost does a lot for our club as Parent liaison & especially as events coordinator. However this award is to recognise all the time and effort Mrs Frost has put in recently to bring the community together as well as raise funds in order to put on a craft event that saw groups and residents of Messingham decorate bikes and make bunting to put around the village ready for the Tour of Britain Stage 3 that passed through. An awesome event and very well deserved award. Well Done.