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Master Stuart Usher

Position: -

* Founder/Chief Instructor at

Messingham Martial Arts

*Chief Instructor for the B.T.A

*Executive Committee Member for the U.K.K.W.A

*BBC Sport Unsung Hero for East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire 2017

Rank: -

* 6th Dan Blackbelt Taekwondo BTA

* 4th Dan Kukkiwon registered Master

* Kukkiwon Certified Master 3rd Class (Qualified)

* 4th Dan Blackbelt Kickboxing

* WAKO registered Master

* B.T.A Approved Instructor

* U.F.K.K.W.A Approved Instructor

Experience: -

Judo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Nunchuku, Various Self defence sets.

               Introducing Master Stuart Usher

       Biography & Wall of Pride

Master Stuart Usher has always had a passion for the martial arts. As a young boy he was influenced by films and TV programs whereby he would practice the moves in the back garden of his home and with his friends.

At around the age of 9 his parents took him to a nearby Judo club where he trained for a short while. Even though Judo only plays a small part in Master Usher's timeline he remembers and respects all his experiences and what he learned.

Time past by but Master Usher still had a passion for the Martial Arts. By his early to mid 20's, now married, his wife (Master Louise Usher) talked him into joining her at a session she had booked for herself at a Taekwondo club. From that moment on Master Stuart Usher has never looked back. He took to training with dedication and hard work 6 times a week and was soon invited onto the leadership team training program.

He soon became a key member of the team and was attending many instructor training workshops and seminars as well as progressing with his Taekwondo skills. After 3-4 years of dedicated training Master Usher achieved the rank of 1st Dan Black belt in Taekwondo and Instructor status.

Since then Master Usher (Now 6th Dan TKD) has done all he can improving his knowledge and skill level and continues to do so. He has had many year experience as an instructor and has even achieved Black belt in Kickboxing (Now 4th Dan Master). His passion for the Martial Arts is clearly what he passes down to his students who he is very proud of.

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